Trade only the instruments that have the most profit potential

I'll show you every day my complete trading plan, including entry levels, SL, TP and the reasons behind them.

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Signals & Analysis

Signals & Analysis

Get exact entry levels on the instruments with the most profit potential

24/7 Trading Room

24/7 Trading Room

Get together with other traders, talk about trade ideas, possible signals and more.

Videos & Resources

Videos & Resources

Videos and resources about every aspect of the system, and tools to help you trade better.

Member Forum

Member Forum

Private forum where you can talk just about anything related to the markets.

Daily Webinars

Daily Webinars

Every day we review the trading plan, possible entry levels, instruments to trade and more.

Instructor Access

Instructor Access

You’ll have email, skype and even my whatsapp to get feedback on your trades.

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Ian Kiley

From the UK. In my opinion you offer an excellent value for money service and as the title suggest is straight forward.

George Boustani

From Australia. The one on one lessons trading live markets are great, you could actually see the system at work.

Aaron Weavers

From the UK.The one-on-one coaching from Raul helped me massively and has lifted the mental fog that had been holding me back.

Paulo Duarte

From Portugal.It is a VERY SIMPLE way to trade, a way that I feel comfortable to trade, and a way that gave to me more confidence as a trader.

Is this for beginners or advanced traders?

This is for both, beginners and advanced users will learn a simple way to analyze and trade the markets.

And every day we’ll review the best trade opportunities available.

Is this for short term or swing traders?

For both, we find short term trade possibilities as well as swing trade ideas.

We try to adapt to the market conditions, if there are short term opportunities we capitalize on them, if there are how ever swing trade opportunities, we also focus on them.

How much time do I require to follow your strategy?

No don't need to be in front of your monitor 24/7. Just make sure to attend the daily live session at 8 am NYT or watch the recording afterwards, set your entry orders and you are all set.

What markets do you trade?

If its clear, and its got great profit potential, we trade it.

We look for trade opportunities in Forex, Indices, Commodities, ETF’s, even Stocks.

What are the daily webinars like?

We meet every morning at 8:00 am NYT, you’ll be able to see my charts, see what I’m actually trading, possible entry levels, etc.

You’ll hear my voice, ask live questions, etc. All coaching sessions are recorded so you can watch them as many times as you want.

What about the trading room?

It is an Skype group. Its open 24/7 so you’ll be able to get together with other members and pro traders, talk about possible signals, S&R levels, fundamentals, etc.

… I started trading with EMA’s, automatic systems/robots, tried just about all indicators: Harmonics, ADX, Volume, Bollinger Bands, Divergences, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Turning Point, Supply/Demand. I’ve read and followed many traders and honestly, never understood anyone better than your method/trading. You make it very simple and effective.

Ruben F. Miami, USA.