We look for the best trade opportunities every day and show the how to profit from them

Every day we come up with a list ot instruments to trade (from various markets), and show you a simple strategy to trade each one of them.

Here is what I can do for you

Hey Trader, Raul here.

You know, most famous traders & investors, including Warren Buffet, rely on valuable information to take decisions.

The problem is, there is a ton of information available, which makes if very difficult to filter the information that actually helps you take better decisions.

And there is where I come in.

I mostly use technical analysis to determine what to trade, where to get in, where to get out, and what instruments to stay away from.

I’ve been trading for almost 20 years. I’ve spent literaly thousands of hours trading & analyzing charts, so I know exactly what works, and what doesn’t work.

I'm prepared to share that information with you.

Talk to you soon!


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Daily Trading Plan

You'll have access to a complete trading plan, so you know what to trade, and what instruments to stay away from.

Simple Methodology

A methodology that is simple to follow, no need to use fancy indicators, price action is all you need.

Active Community

Chat, get together, do group calls with other traders, 24/7 trading room, webinars, Q&A sessions and more.

Daily Webinars

Everyday we analyze the market, talk about relevant events, signals with clear SL, entry and TP levels and more.

Daily Recap Video

Dont have time to watch the webinar? No problem, just watch the daily recap video to get the trading plan for each instrument.

Instructor & Traders

You'll be able to chat and talk to the instructor as well as other advanced and novice traders.

We show you everyday a simple and clear trading plan to help you profit from the market

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"In my opinion you offer an excellent value for money service and as the title suggest is straight forward."
Ian Kiley, UK
"The one on one lessons trading live markets are great, you could actually see the system at work."
George Boustani, Australia
"It is a VERY SIMPLE way to trade, a way that I feel comfortable to trade, and a way that gave to me confidence as a trader."
Paulo Duarte, Portugal
"The one-on-one coaching from Raul helped me massively and has lifted the mental fog that had been holding me back."
Aaron Weavers, UK

Things we talk about every day:

Short term trading

Trading short term ranges and small swings could be the easiest and best way to trade. You just need to learn to find the right opportunities.

Swing and Long Term Trading

These could be the most profitabe trades you ever take. Learn to decide when it's better to hold your trades and keep those pips coming in.

Range Trading

Trading the right ranges could be the most effective strategy ever. Learn to determine what ranges to trade, and which ones to stay awy from.

Trend Trading

Learn entry strategies that take advantage of trending markets. Breakout, retracement and other type of entry signals.

Trade & Risk Management

How you manage your risk and your trade have a profound impact on your end results. Learn the strategies that will help you feel confident.

Trading Psychology

To help you feel comfortable taking risks, so you stop taking profits early, missing out trade opportunities, etc.

We trade:


Forex is the most liquid market in the world, there are many opportunities to be found on a daily basis, both, short and long term trades.


We focus in Oil (Brent and WTI) and Gold (XAUUSD). There is enough volume here to get some profits.


We focus in the most liquid stocks available: Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. This way we take advantage of the mass sentiment.


We closely monitor most traded cryptocurrencies in search for good opportunities.


We also keep an eye open on most indices around the world in search for high probability trades.

Other markets

We basically anything that's got good volume and liquidity such as indices, cryptos and other markets.


Is this for beginners or advanced traders?
This is for both, beginners and advanced traders will learn a simple way to analyze and trade the markets with good results.
Is this for short term or swing traders?
For both, we find short term trade possibilities as well as swing trade ideas.

When it makes sense to trade based on the short term charts, we do it. When the market gives us long term opportunities, we take advantage from them as well.
How much time do I require to follow your strategy?
You don’t need to be in front of your monitor 24/7. Just make sure to attend (or watch the recordings) of the daily webinar and/or the daily recap, set your entry orders and you are all set.
What are the daily webinars like?
We meet Monday through Thursday, you’ll be able to see my charts, see what I’m actually trading, possible entry levels, etc. You’ll hear my voice, ask live questions, etc.
What about the trading room?
Its open 24/7 (telegram group) so you’ll be able to chat with other members and pro traders, talk about possible signals, S&R levels, fundamentals, etc.
What about the one-on-one coaching?
Includes 8 coaching sessions. We schedule at a convenient time for you and me. We talk one-on-one about all aspects of trading, I'll help you develop a trading plan that you can actually follow. You'll also have my phone number and WhatsApp.

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(Offer limited to 100 Traders)
1 Year Access


1 year
Access to Trading Room
2 year access + Coaching


2 year access access
+ 8 coaching sessions