The Unexpected Event

Yesterday I was talking to an old trading pal about the impact of the Aussie unemployment report (real good numbers by the way, jobs gained were +35.2K and the market expected 10.2K and the unemployment rate was 5.5% against 5.8%). Anyway, he traded that report, just a few seconds before the announcement he went long and held the position for a few hours making a quick pip there.

Of course it is always good to get pips here and there, but what I always keep in my mind is the alternative history (in the economic arena this is similar to the opportunity cost). In this case, what if the market went down instead? (You know sometimes the market moves against the fundamentals), even if you use SL orders, the market could gap then your loss will be unbearable to take, you would wait and see if the market recovered but it continues to move against you. The worst scenario here would be to blow up your trading account just for a quick pip: this is the results of your alternative history, are you willing to take this type of risks?

Lets put it this way, if you keep trading the unemployment announcement say for 2 or 3 years, the “unexpected event” (of the market moving against you after that announcement) will arise sometime during that period and the result will be devastating. I ask you again, are you do you have a shield for the “unexpected event”?

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Raul Lopez

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Raul Lopez

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