Good trade opportunities today

Yesterday the market wasn’t that clear, it was very calm and most currency pairs traded in a very small range (most of them not well defined). So it was difficult to find good opportunities. One of the few was the one that we wrote about yesterday, the bullish market condition of the CADJPY.

Anyway, today the market is different, there are a few currency pairs that are trading in a very clear market condition. The ones that I like the most are:

EURJPY – The EURJPY is trading in a bullish market condition, and we have a loooong way to go before we hit the next LT resistance level.

USDCHF – The USDCHF is also in a bullish market condition, it broke through the ST resistance earlier this morning triggering the bullish condition.

Hope you have a good trading day!

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez

Raul Lopez

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