GBPCHF – Keep looking for long opportunities

How do I decide which currency pairs to trade? Its not that I get married with one or two currency pairs, I just try to find the currency pairs that look clearer in the long term charts, I also see if it has no important levels on its way up or down, and that’s the ones I choose. Sometimes the majors are the ones that are clearer, but some other the yen crosses and some other times crosses, etc.

Right now, I think the GBPCHF has one of the clearest bullish market condition in the LT charts:

I will look for long signals around my green support level (retracement signal) and around the upper green resistance level (break out signal).

All short opportunities will be ignored in the GBPCHF.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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GBPCHF analysis

Raul Lopez

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