EURNZD – Long signal

This is my second post about the EURNZD in this week (notice last post was the first time I wrote about this cross). Yesterday I mentioned that the EURNZD was one of the currency crosses I was looking for long opportunities. Guess what? Earlier this morning I got my signal :)

Here is where I have my orders:

SL at 1.8400
TP at 1.8761

Lets see where this trade takes me.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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Raul Lopez

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  • Hello Smi, No, I dont use Murray math lines, we’ll keep it in my minf though… I’m still looking for long opportunities in the EURNZD, hope I can get something around 1.8430…



  • Smitak111 you have any opinion on” Murrey math lines.”? pair keeps on bouncing off 8/8 line(around 1.8554 area)…which is the line of ultimate resistance /support needs to break this line before it can go higher.