USDCHF – Clear bearish condition, shorts in play

I know I’ve been talking and analyzing the CHF crosses a lot, but hey, I think the CHF crosses are probably the most interesting currency pairs for the previous two or three weeks, this week, and probably the best for the month to come, we’ll see about that.

Anyway, the USDCHF is one of them and it is trading in a very clear market condition, and I’m still looking for short opportunities, there is no doubt about that. The only thing that we need to worry about is where to open our trades, that right… timing!

This is how the short term charts look like:

If the USDCHF retraces back to the LOPS1 level, and it gives me a significant pattern with downward pressure, I’ll definitely go short.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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Raul Lopez

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