Patience paid off – Long order on the AUDUSD

Earlier today I wrote about the AUDUSD, I thought it was one of the best trade opportunities today, mainly because of the long term charts, they are as clear as water, it clearly got rejected from an important level and its likely to continue its way up until it hits the next resistance at 1.0982.

I waited and waited and waited… and got my signal:

It is still a pending order, here are the details:

Entry order: 1.0525 ( + spread)
SL: 1.0491
TP: 1.0953

Now, if I see a close below the lowest low of the pattern that triggered my order I will cancel it.

I’m risking 1% of my account on this trade… see my risk-reward ratio on this trade? Make your math…


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AUDUSD Analysis

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