Let’s see what I’m made of – Long AUDCAD

This week I have tried to go long on the AUDCAD two times (this will be the third one), on one of them I got stopped out at my initial SL, and on the second one got stopped out when I moved my SL to secure profits. So this one would be the third, do you also think the third one is the right one? I do…

Here is my signal (still pending order):

Entry: 1.0283 + spread
SL: 1.0241
TP: 1.0506

If I see a close below the lowest low that trigger my signal I will cancell this order.

We shall see what happens, if it doesn’t work though, I’ll click that little cross on the upper right corner of the chart and see what happens.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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AUDCAD analysis

Raul Lopez

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