This week’s important Forex events:

This is the list of what I think are the most important announcements this week. Remember every fundamental announcement (even the ones not included on this list) have the potential to have great impact in the market!

Monday 5th:

  • US and CAN banks are closed, so don’t expect much movement today, not enough liquidity!
  • The most important announcement today is the AUD interest rate announcement (no change expected).

Tuesday 6th:

  • US Non-Manufacturing PMI
  • JPY interest rate announcement (no change expected)

Wednesday 7th:

  • GBP Manufacturing production
  • CAD interest rate announcement (no change expected)
  • AUD Employment change

Thursday 8th:

  • EUR and GBP interest rate announcements (no change expected)
  • US Trade Balance

Friday 9th:

  • CAD Employment change

Remember CAD and GBP are the currencies that react the most to their fundamental announcements.

Trade Safe!

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