Have you seen the AUDNZD lately?

Every day I like to write about what I think are the best trading opportunities out there.

Sometimes the market moves in the intended direction, and sometimes it doesn’t. Let me tell you what really matters though: I have a trading plan for each currency pair/each day.

I know which currency pairs I’m going to be monitoring and trading, and which ones I will forget about (for the day at least).

And of course, I like to trade the ones that have the clearest market conditions. Today, the AUDNZD is one of those.

It is trading in a very clear bearish condition and I´ll be looking for short opportunities:

I’d like to see a small retracement and bearish pressure around the ST resistance level at 1.2619. We’ll see if we get it.

Do you trade the AUDNZD?

Trade safe!

Raul Lopez
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Raul Lopez

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