Even with all these turmoil, there are good trading opportunities

I know, all these bad news about Greece, Spain, and other European countries make it difficult to trade some currencies, specially the EURUSD and USDCHF…

But for sure there are other currency pairs that have a very well defined market condition, and we are able to trade.

Here are a few of them:

AUDUSD – Clear bullish condition, see how it got rejected from the bottom of the range?

NZDJPY – it is trading between clear support and resistance levels, the perfect scenario to trade the range. I’ll be looking for long opportunities here:

GBPAUD – Clearly got rejected from the main resistance level, so the way to go here would be to look for short opportunities:

These are 3 of the currency pairs I’m currently looking for trade opportunities.

Are you trading these pairs? On what other currency pairs you are monitoring?


Raul Lopez

AUDUSD Analysis

Raul Lopez

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