Following up on the new entry system

As I’ve been telling you, what I like the most about this entry system is the simplicity in which we get our entry signals.

And with a system like this, black and white, we tend to trade with more discipline, because there is no doubt about the signal: it is or it isn’t a signal, there is no: it could be, but…

Like the GBPAUD right now, I was waiting for the GBPAUD to break an important level, once it broke it, I waited for the signal:


You see how it works, I do my analysis, determine which currency pairs to trade, then look for my entry.

That’s it!

Simple enough? What do you think?

As a side note: there are important fundamental announcements left on the week, including the FOMC minutes, JPY interest rate, US NFP and CAD unemployment report, so we need to be careful.


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Raul Lopez

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  • kjordan

    What type of candlestick chart is that? I don’t understand how you got that chart.

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey, these type of candlesticks disregard time and focuses only on price action… it’s very very simple. What do you think?

  • Jan

    still what is the system to go long or short, is it an indicator, a set of rules? mostly I look at resistance, support and what it does at those levels and if I follow the trend

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Jan, that’s a long, It’s not an indicator, it’s a different way to look at charts disregarding “time”. And I trade only in the direction of the trade, so I need to do a previous analysis.