Following up on the new entry system

As I’ve been telling you, what I like the most about this entry system is the simplicity in which we get our entry signals.

And with a system like this, black and white, we tend to trade with more discipline, because there is no doubt about the signal: it is or it isn’t a signal, there is no: it could be, but…

Like the GBPAUD right now, I was waiting for the GBPAUD to break an important level, once it broke it, I waited for the signal:


You see how it works, I do my analysis, determine which currency pairs to trade, then look for my entry.

That’s it!

Simple enough? What do you think?

As a side note: there are important fundamental announcements left on the week, including the FOMC minutes, JPY interest rate, US NFP and CAD unemployment report, so we need to be careful.


Forex entry system, GBPAUD Analysis

Raul Lopez

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