Two signals in the EURAUD with the new entry system

Are you currently trading the EURAUD?

Since last week I’ve been looking for long opportunities in the EURAUD, and if you don’t trade this pair, you definitely should at least take a look at it, and see is you find it interesting to trade.

Anyway, I’ve been testing this new entry system, and I’ve got two signals since yesterday:

EURAUD Analysis

From the regular charts it’s clear that it is trading in a bullish condition, so I’d only consider long opportunities here.

We’ll see how these two trades go.

Did you see your EURAUD charts yet? Take a look at them, really, and let me know if you’d go long here.

Let me know what you think.


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Raul Lopez

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  • Dan

    Good morning. This is the beginner from Australia. All is going well thanks for your help to date. Have picked up just over 1000 pips over the last 2 weeks so am chuffed. And yes I did take up a long position the EURAUD on the 11/10/12 at 1.26035 and my take profit closed me last night 16/10/12 at 1.27254. Was not unhappy with that. Will have a look at the trend lines today with the possibility of buying back in.

    • Raul Lopez

      Wow Dan, that was a good trade!!! Now you only have to repeat that at least once a week, and you’ll be alright :P Cheers and congrats for that trade!