Long signal in the AUDJPY

Sometimes you find the best trades in the less expected currency pairs!

How many of you actually trade the AUDJPY?

If you asked me why I’m trading this cross, I’d say: because I rather trade a currency pair with a larger spread but clearer market conditions (therefore better odds of winning the trade) than trading a currency pair with a tighter spread but not a clear market condition.

Take a look at the AUDJPY daily chart and you’ll see what I mean by clear market conditions (if you don’t see it please comment below and I’ll show you the chart).

And here are my signals in the new entry system:

AUDJPY Analysos

Don’t you think this chart is as clear as water?

It’s key to trade in the direction of the long term charts, and if you find the right timing or reason to enter in the short term charts, you’ve got yourself a good trade.

Do you think it will continue its way up?

Please leave your feedback.


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Raul Lopez

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