I’ve just got a long signal in the AUDUSD (in the new entry system)

If you have been trading the markets lately you probably know that the AUD and its crosses are probably the ones with the clearest market conditions.

So here is what just happened in the AUDUSD:


Here are the details of my trade:

Entry: 1.0375
SL: 1.0318
TP: 1.0542

What do you think of this trade?

Are you trading the AUD crosses?

Let me know.

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Raul Lopez

I've been trading the markets for more than 15 years. I believe the best way to trade is by adapting to the market conditions. You can learn it too, join our community .

  • flav2012

    Well done Raul.  I trade the AUDUSD exclusively and it’s been a rewarding experience.
    I think you are on the money in the short term, but there are problems on the horizon.

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey, thanks for sharing… what do you see on the horizon?

  • think also that its an long. But my target is 1.0430

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Legend, I’m placing my TP order just below the next resistance level on the daily chart… see it? Where are you getting yours from?