What´s up with the market… So Boooring

Yesterday and today have been a little unusual.

I’ve seen days with low volumes, but these last two days have been painfully slow.

Just take a look at the CADJPY:


What do you think?

Or maybe it’s just me that I’m eager to trade?

What’s your view about the market? On what currency pairs are you focusing right now?

Let me know.

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Raul Lopez

I've been trading the markets for more than 15 years. I believe the best way to trade is by adapting to the market conditions. You can learn it too, join our community .

  • Alex Kruze

    Hi Raul. 
    I think this pair was in accumulation stage for a last few days. In 23 & 25 november, for me, it looks like big buyer is accumulating his position. Right now (20:00 gmt 0), is forming a new Low ( just my thoughts) so i am looking for long, but i prefer sp500, nzd/usd, and short on chf/usd. Clearlier view for me, let see what will happen, what do you think Raul?

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Alex, I’m also looking for long opportunities in the CADJPY, but I’d like to see more volume before I take my trade. I not currently trading the SP500 nor the NZDUSD… Cheers and good luck Alex. 

      Thanks for your comment.