If you are trading or plan to trade the EURUSD, you better read this

Time to Trade the EURUSD

Look, there is a time for everything in life…

  • A time to go to college
  • A time to get married
  • A time to have children

And a time to trade the EURUSD hehe

And I guarantee, that right now, it’s not the time to trade the EURUSD


I made the mistake a couple of weeks ago when I thought it was out of the range… but no, it wasn’t.

Right now with all the news about Cyprus and stuff, it makes it even more difficult to trade it.

Just take a look at the EURUSD hourly chart:

EURUSD Hourly Chart

Now, please tell me… What pattern(s) do you see here?

Because I see none, nein, ne, nej, nai, nee, nada…

This is why you shouldn’t focus just in one currency pair! Increase your trading arsenal. Hey, other currency pairs exist… Yes, the EURUSD is the most traded of them all, but there are others… have you ever heard of the AUDUSD? (I’m kidding…)

Here is the daily AUDUSD chart:

CHART 2AUDUSD Daily chart

Ahhh now this is clear one… We still got like 100 pips before we hit the next resistance level which is at 1.0575

So please… before taking any trade, please do a preliminary analysis and trade only the pairs that have a clear market condition.

You Turn

So let me ask you… are you trading the EURUSD? If you are, let me know what you think about it…

What other currency pairs are you trading right now?

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