These are a few of the currency pairs I’m currently trading

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Hey, how is your trading going?

It’s been kind of difficult to trade the majors in the last few weeks hasn’t it?

Luckily for us, we have plenty of instruments (crosses) to choose from, and some of them have been trading in a ver clear market condition.

And believe me, the most important aspect of trading, even before the entry system, is whether or not you are trading the “right” currency pair.

What do I mean by the “right” currency pair.

Look, you could have perfect timing, but if you chose the wrong currency pair, the market will move against you.

You know what I mean?

This is why I always suggest you to spend at least 10-15 minutes analyzing your charts before taking your first trade.

Makes sense?

Anyway… here are two crosses I’m currently trading:

AUDCAD Analysis

Take a look at this chart:

AUDCAD Analysis

In the chart above, its clear that the AUDCAD is likely to continue its way down, so why not trying to short it?

This is exactly what I meant earlier, this is a clear chart, this is the type of chart that you should be looking to trade (not the EURUSD or others that have a very difficult market condition).

What do you think about the AUDCAD?

GBPAUD Analysis

Here is another one:

GBPAUD Analysis

In this chart, same thing, it is clear that the GBPAUD was rejected from the bottom of the range, it has clear S&R levels, so why not trading this one?

Its clear to me… What about you?

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I’ll really appreciate it.

Thank you very much!

AUDCAD analysis, GBPAUD Analysis

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