No BS Trading (Make your trading make sense)

No BS Trading

Hey trader, hope everything is going well with your trading and every other aspect of your life!

Have you thought about a magic formula that will help you trade with consistent results? Or a system? Or an indicator?

I know I have (a few years ago)…

And as much as I’d like to believe that there is a magic formula, indicator or system, the truth is that there isnt one! There never has been one, and there will never be one.

As simple as that.

So please, stop thinking about it…

It’s about time to think about trading as something real. Something that will help you achieve not only your professional goals (because that’s only a means to an end), but your personal goals: spending more time with your family, doing the stuff that you really enjoy, etc.

Trading that makes sense

So, from now on I want you to think about every trade you are about to take and ask yourself the next question:

Do I really believe that the market will go on that direction? Why?

Is it because an indicator is telling you it will go up? That’s non sense

Is it because there there is a Fibo retracement level? That’s non sense

Is it because your cat jumped twice instead of one? That’s non sense


Is it because the market is actually telling you that it will continue to trade in that direction?

Now you are talking…

Wait a minute… how do you know the market is telling you that?

I thought you would ask that…

And I have prepared this analysis for you…

EURAUD Analysis

Here is the daily chart:


It’s clearly going down…

You see I told you it was easy… Ok, you are good to go now.

I’m kidding…

It’s kind of difficult to determine what the market is likely to do on the chart above…

Now, let me show you the same chart using a few simple tools.


Now it’s a little easier isnt it?

Since the market got rejected from the resistance level, I know it is likely to continue its way down…


It makes sense doesnt it?

This is what trading should be like, it’s easier, more reliable, it makes you feel more comfortable and at the end it helps you trade with more discipline.

And once you trade with discipline, consistent results are around the corner…

Now you now what I mean right?

Your Turn

Does your trading make sense?

What do you think about the EURAUD? Its probably one of the clearest currency pairs out there tight now…

Leave a comment.

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