Long signal

GBP and AUD flags

Hey traders, how is your trading going?

Last week I wrote about the GBPAUD, I thought it was trading in a very clear bullish condition but didn’t mention anything about my entry signal…

The market conditions are still unchanged, its been slow, but it is still trading in a clear bullish condition… and you know what we need to do.

Keep looking for long opportunities.

One of the things that I like about the GBPAUD (and GBPNZD) is that it moves a lot, once it gets going, nothing will stop it…

So we need to get ready to trade it, otherwise we’ll miss this opportunity.

Here is my signal!

GBPAUD Long Signal

Let me show you what the 30M chart looks like:


Long signal details:

Entry stop order: 1.8697 + spread
SL: 1.8649
TP: Open

We need to be careful with a few fundamental announcements due later this week…

Your turn

Are you currently trading the GBPAUD? Do you agree with my trading plan?

What other currency pairs are you monitoring?

Share your thoughts!

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