Goodbye StraightForex. Hello ProTradingNow


Hey traders, I know its been a while since the last time I wrote something on my blog, and I apologize for that!

But I’ve been working with a few of my students and also working on this new site, which I think you’ll appreciate for several reasons… You’ll see…

But first of all I want to thank all of you for your support, its always encouraging when traders like you take a few minutes of your time to send me an email and ask if everything is alright… Thanks!

I got to tell you, yes, everything is alright, its better than ever and things are about to get even better. Here is why.

Goodbye StraightForex

The first think that you might notice is that I have changed domains.

Its been more than 10 years using StraightForex, and its been a great journey! But if you have been following me, you know I like to adapt, and right now I think its a good time to adapt to the new market conditions.

Although I’ll be focusing mainly on Forex, there are other instruments that also offer great opportunities.

And don’t what to miss (neither you to miss) those opportunities. So from now on, I’ll also analyze/trade other instruments.

How about that?

Hello ProTradingNow

I’ve always believed that our job as traders is to trade the instruments that have the clearest market conditions…

For that reason, from now on, I’ll expand my horizon to other instruments such as:

  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • CFD’s

So it will not be about just Forex any more, but about any instrument that has good opportunities.

I think most of you will appreciate this, because at the end we are all traders, and it doesn’t matter what we trade, its just about trying to get advantage of market movements, what ever we call that “market”.

Are you with me?

What now

I’ll definitely be writing more frequently, posting deeper analyses, and more detailed articles about strategies, instruments to trade, etc.

So at the end, it will be good for you, fellow traders!

Plus, I have a few surprises for you, when the time comes, you’ll be the first to know.

So please make sure to subscribe to this blog alright?

Guest posting

In the past I received plenty of requests to make guest posts in this blog… and for some reason I wasn’t too keen about it!

But now, I’m more open to it, so if you are a trader who want more input maybe about your strategy (or anything else), this could be the place to get that feedback.

Or if you are a service provider, broker, etc and you think you can write something unique, and high quality article, please get in touch with me.

But please, don’t do it just for the link back to your site. If the article gets published of course you’ll get one, your bio, etc. But I’ll review each one of them.

At the end its about helping other traders out.

Speak out

I want you to help me with something…

I’ll appreciate if you comment below and let me know what kind of content would you like me to focus on, what kind of markets, etc.

Even if its something small, I’d like to hear about it!

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Raul Lopez

I've been trading the markets for more than 15 years. I believe the best way to trade is by adapting to the market conditions. You can learn it too, join our community .

  • Eviano

    I have been waiting for you for a very long time now. You are specially welcome back. You have been such a great blessing to the FOREX world. Diversifying, ouch, hmmm, the learning curve just began. I love this. Thank you.

    • Raul Lopez

      Thanks Eviano!

      We’ll see where this takes us!

      good luck!

  • Robert

    Welcome back Raul. Really missed your insights.

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Robert! I’m also happy to be back!

      Let me know if you have any question!

  • Shez

    Good to finally hear from you again Raul! Was only the other night I waa thinking about your posts and analysis, thinking where youve gone?!

    But good to see you again, heres to 2015!

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Shez!

      I’m still here, alive and kicking haha

      And ready to keep on going!


  • Chandana

    Hey Raul,
    It sounds like you’re into diversification now. ;)
    I believe it is a good idea to consider other instruments. But like to hear from yourself why consider instruments outside Forex.
    Is FOREX market not big enough for you now?

    (Well, the answer may be obvious, but, when you talk, we can learn a lot of things, you know)

    BTW: Wish you all the best and success in new site and new ventures!

    • Raul Lopez

      Hello Chandana,

      Yep, diversification is one benefit, but I’m really considering other instruments for another (stronger) reason…

      You see, I’ve been monitoring other markets as well in the last months, and I’ve seen many opportunities, for instance: indices and certain stocks… But because I only focused in Forex, never had a chance to take advantage of them…

      That’s what I want to change now, I want to benefit from other instruments that trade in a clear market condition, And I want you all to benefit from them as well…

      That’s the reason I decided to consider other instruments… what do you think?

  • Gordon Williams

    I’m new to trading and love to do it full time as a business, so I’m need all the knowledge I can get. Thank you.

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Gordon, welcome! You are at the right place :)

  • TasosK

    Hello Raul,

    Very nice to see you back in action!

    Indeed, your new domain has a nicer, fresher, more attractive design. As for your posts, I’d expect the completion of your Trading Manifesto…

    Thanks and all the best to this new beginning!


    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Tasos! Nice to see you back!!!

      Yep, I agree, the design its cleaner and fresher, easier on the eye!

      As long as the Trading Manifesto goes, yep, you’ll have news about the entries soon!

      Good luck and let me know if you need anything else!

  • Gordon Williams

    Great Raul,
    I like the concept of expanding our trading knowledge, because there are so many opportunites that we as traders can maximize in our strategies. Thank you for continuing to keep us up to date.

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Gordon! Yep, I agree with you… trading other markets will help us focus in the instruments that have the greatest profit potential!

  • Adrian Friday

    Raul! Missed your blog post and insights. Glad to see you back with a makeover. I’m excited to see you opening up to the numerous opportunities in other markets. As far as content I would like to know how you determine what is acceptable volume outside of the forex market?

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Adrian! I’m happy to see you commenting back!

      Alright, I’ll make a post about the volume that we need see in order to trade… basically what we need are liquid instruments, like, the most traded stocks, most traded commodities so that individuals dont have power over the price of each instruments…

      So you would need to avoid small cap stocks, etc.

      We’ll get into it later on Adrian!

      Let me know if there is anything else I could help you with!

      • Adrian Friday

        That gives me an idea on what to look for. I appreciate the reply.

        • Raul Lopez

          Great Adrian, I’ll let you know when I publish that article…

          Good luck!

          Stay in touch!

  • Chad Hogan

    Yep I like the design, it looks very professional. I expect it should attract a lot of interested people. Expanding beyond forex and into other markets and applying what we know will be awesome. My biggest challenge is definately dealing with the news. When to close trades or whether to keep them on. `My plan around the news is much like yours but wouldn’t it be great to be on the side of probability rather than to have absolutely no idea of the outcome..I’d like to see some more in depth analysis on the fundamentals to help me trade better. Or do you think that’s a waste of time? Anyways just an idea..let me know your thoughts.


    • Raul Lopez

      Hello Chad,

      Yeah I know, sometimes its difficult to deal with fundamentals!! But you know, most of the time they move in the direction of the market condition… So if you have a bullish condition, even if you get a bad number, the market is likely to continue its way up (and viceversa)…

      That’s the reason I hold my trades if my trades have enough room to breath! Hoe many pips? It depends on each currency pair, but on average you need at least 80 pips on your favor…

      We still need to be careful, you know that, every news announcement has the potential to change the sentiment of the market… That’s the reason we still need to monitor them…

      We’ll be in touch Chad! Say hello to Tania!

  • pduarte

    Hello Raul,

    Good to see you back

    Alive and kicking. Hehehe,

    All the best for you.



    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Paulo!!! Nice to see you commenting back!

      I’ll reply your email just now…

  • Rakshith chauhan

    hi raul…it`s my first visit to your website…it`s a great pleasure to be with your website from now

    • Raul Lopez

      Nice to have you here Rakshith!

  • Chad Hogan

    Hi Raul,
    Good to hear from you.. Tania & I have been really looking forward to your new website. I think its a great idea to start analyzing other markets. Perhaps the DJ 30 or S&P 500? What do you think?

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Chad!!! Its about to be ready… what do you think so far about the design, etc?

      Yep, DJ30, S&P 500, DAX, etc… Everything that is tradable and has good volume will be traded!

  • Varahala Babu

    hello raul…it`s a great thought you got…congrats

    • Raul Lopez

      Hey Varahala! We’ll see how it goes! Nice to have you back!