2 Signals – short term and swing trades

Trade Entry

Hey traders, how is it going?

How is your trading week so far?

There is only one day to go, so we need to open a few trades here an there to take advantage of the market.

I have a few possibilities for you, let me know what you think alright?

GBPCAD Long Signal

The GBPCAD is one of the currency pairs that move the most, so when ever you get a signal in the GBPCAD, make sure to take it.

Sometimes you’ll need to use large SL orders, but the risk is well worth it, because it moves pretty fast…

The GBPCAD is trading in a very clear bullish condition, so we should be looking for long opportunities.

Here is what the GBPCAD short term charts looks like:


I already took this trade and this is the info:

Entry: 1.9570
SL: 1.9465
TP: 2.0463

Pretty good risk reward ratio ha?

Here is another one:

NZDUSD Short Signal

The NZDUSD is trading in a very clear bearish condition, which means that we should be looking for short opportunities.

And we have a good possibility to go short here, since its trading around the top of the short term range.

Here is the short term chart:


Here are the details of my order:

Entry: 0.6723
SL: 0.6768
TP: 0.6601

We’ll see how this one works.

Your turn

What currency pairs or instruments are you monitoring?

What do you think about my signals?

Share your thoughts.

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