I lied to you

Misconceptions in Forex

Hey Traders, how is it going?

How did you do yesterday?

Finally the markets started to move this summer, just when I was thinking about taking a week off… And I’m glad I didnt…

Anyway, I have a confession to make…

Two weeks ago I wrote about what I thought was the easiest trade ever… I took 140 pips on a EURNZD trade.

Or maybe at that time it was the easiest trade ever…

But take a look at this other trade…

Last week I wrote about another signal… It didnt get triggered until yesterday…

Guess what… It reached my TP order (500 pips) in just a few minutes…

I’ll have to say then that this one is now the easiest trade ever, without a question.

500 pips in just a few minutes… that’s all I need… You see why I’m glad I didnt take a week off?

How did you do with yesterdays movements?

Here is another currency pair I’m trading right now.

USDCAD signal

The USDCAD is trading in a very clear bullish condition. I’ve talked about this before.

The only problem was that in the last two weeks, the USDCAD did nothing at all, it traded in a very tight and unclear short term range… So I had to wait…

But now its different.

Let me show you the short term chart:


As you can see, I already took my first trade:

Entry at 1.3213
SL at 1.3125

And my second entry is a breakout signal:

Entry: 1.3312
SL: 1.3270

Both of my TP orders are at 1.3926

Your turn

What do you think about the easiest trade ever?

How did you do yesterday?

Are you going to take the USDCAD signal?

What other currency pairs or instruments are you monitoring?

Share your thoughts.


Raul Lopez

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