500 pips in just 15 minutes

Entry Signal

Do you believe in luck?

Sometimes I do… and some other times I dont…

There are moments in life where we might get lucky… but when it comes to trading, I think luck is defined differently.

To me, luck in trading is: trading the right instrument at the right time.

Lets say, I got lucky last Monday, because I was trading the GBPNZD and it reached the TP order in just 15 minutes.

So yes, I got lucky because I wasn’t expecting the GBPNZD to move that fast… but at the end, I was trading it because based on my analysis, I thought it was more likely to continue its way up.

And that’s what counts.

That’s what trading is all about traders.

You need to do your analysis, try to determine what instruments are more likely to continue its way up, what other instruments are more likely to continue is way down, and forget about those instruments where you have no idea of what they might do.

So in this case, I was trading the GBPNZD, I opened my trade before the US session. Based on my system, I knew it was more likely to continue its way up… so I made myself available and took the opportunity.

And then, the most shoot up, like a rocket hahahahaha It was amazing.

It was in fact, the easiest trade ever.

What do you think about luck in trading?

Market Analysis

I’m right now trading the USDCAD and GBPAUD, both of them long.

But there are other good possibilities.

Finally, the market started to move after a few weeks of tight ranges.

have you been able to get advantage of it?

Your turn

Whats your take about luck in trading?

Did you take the GBPNZD trade?

What other instruments are you monitoring?

Share your thoughts.

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