Trading equipment you need to trade like a champ


We always talk about strategies, indicators, whether we should go long or short, fundamental releases, etc.

But we never seem to care about the tools and equipment you need to actually take your trades.

And that’s what this article is about… to help you set up a trading station that will actually help you feel more comfortable with your trading.

Here we go.

1 – Monitors


How many monitors do you need to trade?

Look traders, there is no right answer, some traders might feel comfortable trading with one monitor, while others need at least 5 monitors…

I´m using two monitors, plus my laptop monitor. I do have a second laptop with an extra monitor, but most of my trading is done on my first laptop, you don’t really need the other one.

I use two 24” Viewsonic monitors… Like this one:

viewsonic monitor

You don’t even need to use 24” monitors, 22” or even 19” monitors will get the job done.

This monitors are priced at $155 on Amazon, here is the link to check them out:

What ever monitor you use, if you are going to get a pair of them, make sure you choose one with “VESA” support…

The VESA-mountable design allows you to mount the display on a monitor stand or on a wall, depending on your specific needs.

And that’s our next item…

2 – Monitor Stand

I like to keep my desk as clean as possible, and there is no other way to do it than using a Monitor stand…

This is the one I use:

monitor stand

This stand supports up to two 24” monitors and is VESA compatible…

This monitor stand in particular is very easy to install.

Here is how my set up looks like:


And here is the link to check it out:

3 – Monitor Adapter

Now, you might ask… how on earth do I connect more than one monitor?

Most laptops have the option to connect only one extra monitor… but there is one little trick that I’ve been using for a while now… I’m using a monitor adapter…

This is the one that I use:

monitor adapter

It allows you to connect a monitor using your USB port… now days, laptops have multiple USB ports, so you can connect as many monitors as USB ports you have on your laptop…

And if you only have one of them and already using it… you can get a USB Hub with multiple USB ports.

Here is the link to check the monitor adapter:×1080/dp/B004AIJE9G/ref=zg_bs_3015403011_6

Its very easy to install, plug and play… just connect everything and viola!

4 – Headset

As a trader, you always need to attend webinars, have private calls, use Skype, etc.

You can stick to wired headphones and mic, and you wont have problem… but what if you want to stand up, or look at the windows while you are talking???

Non of those wired solutions will get the job done!

I’ve literally tried hundreds of headsets, bluetooth headsets, wifi headsets, and other wireless technologies…

Some of them were very uncomfortable, some others got disconnected way too often, etc.

But I finally found the best of them all:

The Logitech Wireless Headset Dual H820e Double-Ear Stereo Business Headset


They’ve got a good looking charging station, you can move around and you wont get disconnected (up to 100 meters) and they’ve got a pretty good battery up to 10 hours of talk time…

And since they are not big, they are very comfortable to use, sometimes I even forget I’m using them…

Here is the link:

They are a bit pricey (comparing them to other popular headsets) but I think they are really worth it.

I have two of them! One for each laptop.

5 – Computer Glasses

As traders, we always need to wait for the right moment to trade… and sometimes that means that we need to be staring at the monitors for hours and hours…

Have you got that feeling of being tired just as you get to your laptop to look for trade opportunities?

Well, that happens because your eyes are actually tired and you need to take care of them.

So you need to get some computer glasses.

I got my glasses from Gunnars:


There are plenty of models, and I know you’ll find there something you’d like to wear while you are trading.

This is one of those things that you can buy, that really make the difference.

6 – Other equipment you need:

Broadband. I use a 200 mbps internet speed, buy you don’t need to get something that fast… 10 or 20 mbps is enough.

A good Coffee maker. I love coffee, I think is a trader thing… I still don’t know a trader who doesn’t like coffee…

I prefer old style coffee and use one of these:


Set of speakers. You will need music… we all need music. I use a Bose speaker, and bought a bluetooth adapter so I can wirelessly play my spotify playlist.

bose speaker

Your turn

What other equipment you use for trading that makes the difference?

Feel free to upload an image in the comment section.

Share your thoughts.

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