Hear me trader, we still got room to trade GBP crosses

How is everything traders, have you had a chance to trade post brexit?

There is one important announcement left on the week, in fact, one of the most important announcements… but I still think we’ve got plenty of room to trade the GBP crosses.

Here is the strategy for a few of them:

GBPCAD: We still got more than 400 pips before we hit the next LT support level, so we’ve got plenty of room to plan our trade.

GBPCHF: just broke through a LT support level, and the next one is more than a 1000 pips from where it is currently trading.

Plus, on the short term chart, we’ve got a very well defined range:


GBPJPY is another one that we can look for trade opportunities. Look at the weekly chart, its still 1000 pips away from the next LT level.

The GBPUSD is trading around 30 years lows, and I will treat it as if it was trading at historical lows… There is also a fine range on the 30M chart.

What do you think? What other instruments are you trading?

Let me know in the comment section.


Raul Lopez

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