Best time to trade right now

Hey Traders, hope everything is going well!

In the last couple of months that volume hasn’t been that high… and not only on Forex, but on other markets as well!

I’m not saying there are no trade opportunities, because there are… you just need to adapt to the market conditions, that’s all!

You wont see large swing moves… most of the time you’ll get small ranges, the only thing you need to do is to find those ranges, and trade both extremes of the range.

You don’t even need to look at the long term chart, once you find a clear range on the short term charts, just trade it!

Best time to trade Forex

I’ve noticed a pattern in the last few months…

The market moves smoothly during the european session, but once it closes, it tends to retrace back!

Sometimes this retracement is large enough to hit SL orders, and then again, it moves in the intended direction!

This is the reason I’d recommend you to make most of your trades during the european session, because once it closes, the market retraces back, moves against the market condition, and you could get stopped out!

This is if you are a short term trader!

If you are a swing trader, well… just make sure your SL levels are wide enough!

What currency pairs are you trading right now?

Here is my Trading Plan

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Raul Lopez

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