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Coaching Description

I’ve put together this brand new coaching program to help beginner and advanced traders reach consistency in their trading results.

You’ll learn a complete methodology, the tools and the mindset that will help you make money in Forex, and other markets such as: Commodities, Futures, Stocks and others.

It starts April 13th, it lasts for 4 weeks (only 2 more spots available). When the course comes to an end, you’ll have continued access to the members area (bi-weekly analysis, Q&A webinars, trade ideas, chat with other like minded traders, and more).

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Why Join

Copy my process: See how I analyze & Trade

I’m pretty sure you have read hundreds of strategies and systems all over the internet.

But no one will actually show you the exact process from start to finish, from choosing the instrument to trade, to actually place your entry orders.

You’ll get access to that. You will actually see me: do my analysis, place my entry orders, take trades, manage each trade, and most importantly, know the reasons behind everything.

For Swing and Day Traders

You’ll get both, short term and swing trading ideas.

If you are a short term trader and feel more comfortable closing your trades at the end of the day, you’ll get trade ideas that suit your trading style.

If you feel comfortable holding your trades to get more pips on each trades, you’ll get swing trading ideas designed to capture market swings.

Learn an skill that adds value for years

In this coaching program you will actually learn a skill: to trade with consistent results. Its not just about learning how to use a technical indicator or use a mathematical formula.

You’ll learn how the market works, how to choose the right currency pairs, how to place your orders, how to manage your trades, etc. You’ll be able to apply what you’ll learn here in the years to come.

Professional traders have an structured approach to trade the market, that’s what you are going to learn.

Become a top 1% Trader

It’s well known that most traders lose money trading. And they all lose because they focus in the wrong things: technical indicators, fundamental announcements, magical formulas, etc.

But that’s nothing to worry about if you focus on the things that really work. For instance, in the skills that you can learn in this coaching program. So, let the other traders worry about themselves. You just worry about applying the techniques that you will learn here.

Topics covered

This coaching will help you trade Forex, Stocks, Indices & Commodities.

  • Retracement signals
  • Breakout signals
  • Risk and Trade Management
  • Trading psychology
  • Money & Capital Management
  • Long term analysis
  • Short term analysis
  • Basic support and resistance
  • How to filter out bad signals
  • Adapt to the market conditions
  • Strategy Development
  • Advanced S&R analysis
  • Swing & Day Trading strategies
  • Price Action
  • Important fundamental releases
  • Discipline and Patience
Raul Trader

How it works

This coaching program is 100% online. Once you join and the program starts, you’ll have access to the members-only forum where you’ll be able to:

  • Talk with other students and pro traders
  • Get together and organize chat sessions
  • Discuss trade ideas, other systems or anything related to the trading the markets.

In addition to the members-only forum, you will also have LIFETIME access to:

  • Members only articles
  • From 2 to 4 analysis videos per week.
  • Daily trade ideas, instruments to focus on, entry levels, etc.
  • Weekly Q&A Group webinars, ask live questions, screen sharing, etc.
  • Strategy video lessons and written material

The coaching program also includes: 4 one-on-one coaching sessions (one per week).

We’ll schedule the coaching sessions at a convenient time for you. We’ll use our conference software, you’ll hear my voice, ask live questions, we’ll do some screen sharing, we’ll look at charts and trades & do analysis together.

Aaron Weavers

From the UK.The one-on-one coaching from Raul helped me massively and has lifted the mental fog that had been holding me back.

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Paulo Duarte

From Portugal. What this program gave to me, was a VERY SIMPLE way to trade, a way that I feel comfortable to trade, and a way that gave to me more confidence as a trader.

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Ian Kiley

From the UK. In my opinion you offer an excellent value for money service and as the title suggest is straight forward.

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George Boustani

From Australia. The one on one lessons trading live markets are great, you could actually see the system at work.

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Only 2 more seats available!

The coaching program starts April 13th, and it will probably be the only course at this price tag.

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