Market conditions have changed for trading (and what to do about it)

Hey traders! How is your trading going? Have you noticed something different with the markets?

It’s obvious that the market conditions change from time to time (we cant expect the markets to trade in the same way for ever), and it looks like in the last couple of months, the conditions have changed…

Is it good or bad for us?

It could be both…

If you keep trading in the same way, it will be bad for you… But if you adapt, then it could be very good for you.

As always, we cant expect the market to adapt to our system/strategy, that’s our job, we need to adapt to the market conditions.

Forex Market Analysis

This isn’t something new…

The market conditions changed from time to time. I don’t know if you have been trading long enough, but a few years ago, the market conditions were a little different…

To give you one example…

7 or 8 years ago, the market could move 100 or more in just a few seconds after an important announcement…

Back then, it made sense to trade based on those fundamental releases… I remember traders that only traded 2 or 3 years a month, and only for a few hours each time…

Because back then, them market conditions allowed us to do so…

Possible 600 pip trade… Simple strategy

Understanding Risk in Forex

Hey traders… how is it going?

There are two possible things that we need to analyze when testing one system:

  • Accuracy of the system
  • The risk reward ratio

A lot of traders “try” to focus on the accuracy of the system. I get a bunch of emails asking me about how many times my system is right, etc.

But let me tell you one little secret traders… We have no control over the accuracy of the system, its given data.

That’s correct…

As much as we dont like that statement… its true.

Two signals in one of the currencies that moves the most

Forex Chart

Hey traders! How is everything?

You know every morning I scan the markets and look for the currencies that have:

  • Clear swings
  • Clear S&R levels
  • And a good profit potential

One of them is the EURCAD…

Here is my analysis…

EURCAD Long Term Analysis

The first thing that you should do is look at the daily or weekly chart and see if it is more likely to move up or down.

In this case, its clear that it is likely to continue its way down, see it for yourself:

The best 2 Currency pairs to trade right now…

Forex Market Analysis

Traders, hope everything is going well on your end…

I believe that the best piece of advice a trader could get is this:

Stop trading just for the sake of trading.

You need to trade the ones that have the most profit potential, the ones that have the clearest swings, the ones where you can easily identify support & resistance levels, those are the trades that are really worth it.

Those are the type of trades that makes the difference between a trader that is still struggling to get results and a trader that is on its way to consistency.

You don’t have to spend countless hours doing your analysis, just a few minutes (even seconds) is enough to determine whether its worth it to trade any instrument or not.

So please do yourself a favor, and stop trading the same currency pairs every day… find the ones you feel most comfortable with…

Does it makes sense?

Let me know your thought about this…

Anyway, I’ll feel definitely comfortable trading any of these currencies:

See the profit potential of this trade (and trading smart)

difficult markets

As I said yesterday traders… we always need to trade smart… specially this week with the FOMC rate statement tomorrow…

What do I mean by trading smart?


  • Trade the currency pairs or instruments that have the greatest profit potential
  • Trade only when you have a clear market condition
  • Trade only when you have clear support and resistance levels
  • See other things that you could get advantage of (like rollover)

Follow this guidelines and you’ll be on your way to consistent profits…

Now… remember you need to have at least 80 pips on your favor to hold your trades before tomorrows announcement, otherwise just close them alright?

So here is my plan to trade the currency pair with the most profit potential right now…

This is how I’m going to trade the EURUSD


Hey traders!

Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing because the market are going get a little crazy this week…

There are a ton of important announcements this week, but the most important of them all is the FOMC rate statement…

Will they rise the interest rate?

Nobody knows for sure (but Yellen and her team)… Some analysts say the will, some others say they will wait until December…

I tell the students of my Forex Course that we need to be extremely smart about the way we trade this week. We need to make sure to trade only the currency pairs that have the clearest market conditions… we need to make sure, both, the short term chart and long term charts have clear S&R levels, we need to make sure they have a good profit potential, among other things…

Anyway… lets talk about the EURUSD

2 Possible Trades: EURUSD and GBPJPY

forex chart

Hey traders! Hope everything is going well!

You know I always try to find two things in the instruments I trade:

  • A clear market condition
  • and a good profit potential

When I talk about the market condition, I mean clear S&R levels, when we have both, clear short term and long term support and resistance levels, we know what the market is going and most importantly, what the market is likely to do.

And for obvious reasons, its very important to trade the instruments that have the best profit potential, you want to increase your risk-reward ratio on each trade. At the end, your over all risk reward ratio will determine how well you’ll do.

So if you look for those two things, you’ll get good results on the long run.

Here are my two possible trades:

GBPJPY Long Signal

The GBPJPY is trading in a very clear bullish condition… just look at the daily chart and you’ll see that was recently rejected from an important support level around 181.34…

Difficulty trading the markets? I’ll show you how to trade them right now

forex chart

Look traders, the moment you think you have finally figured out how the market works, it changes its behavior…

And that’s the reason we always need to be adapting to the market conditions.


In fact, I believe that it is the single most important aspect of trading, not only forex, but all other markets.

So we always need to be evolving, looking for signs about how the market is behaving, and how it is likely to behave in the following days/weeks to come.

We need to gather that information and use it to our advantage.

Let me show you for instance a few charts: