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Brokers to Avoid

Hey trader, how is the market behaving lately?

Its been quite slow hasn’t it? In most currency pairs it has been ranging and most of the time, in a not well defined range, making it very difficult to trade.

Take a look at the EURUSD, its been like that, its been ranging since the last week of January, with only one major quick move (fundamentally driven by the way)… but other than that, its been slow, not well defined, etc.

I wonder how traders that only trade the EURUSD are doing… probably not very well…

This one is the best currency pair to trade today

Forex Market Analysis

Hey trader, hope everything is going well…

I have a question for you, have you had a chance to look at my previous articles? If you haven’t, please take some time to take a look at them…

They will save you money and a lot of time! They’ll help you understand how the market how the market works, how to choose the right instruments to trade, how to take advantage of them, etc.

Here are the links:

Important aspects of my strategy
Market Dynamics: How the market moves
When to go Long and When to go Short
How to find profitable Breakout Signals
How to take retracement signals

I’ve been looking at charts for more than 12 years, I’ve tried everything… What you see on those articles, is exactly what I think works best to get results.

What I like the most about it, is that you can even combine it with your own strategy…

Ok, lets go through some charts now!

When to take retracement/pullback signals

Trade Entry

This would be the 5th article of my strategy, if you haven had a chance to read them, please do, you’ll get a much deeper understanding about what you are about to learn.

Here are the links:

Important aspects of my strategy
Market Dynamics: How the market moves
When to go Long and When to go Short
How to find profitable Breakout Signals

You’ll learn so much from those articles that will change the way you see and trade the market, so please make sure to give them a quick read.

What is Retracement/pullback signal?

I’m sure you have heard traders say something like:

I’ll wait for a pullback, then I’ll trade it!

Well, a retracement or pullback trade happens when the market breaks through an important range or level, then it comes back to “test” that level again (or the breakout).

The market goes like this:


It breaks through an important level, then it comes back to test that level again… if the market breaks that level back, it would be a false breakout, and the market will trade again inside the range.

But if the market gets rejected from that level, it will confirm the breakout and it could give us a retracement signal.

Now, let me ask you this question:

Are you supposed to take every retracement signal?

How to find profitable Breakout Signals

Brokers to Avoid

Hey traders, hope everything is going well.

As you already know, I’m writing a series of articles with details about my trading strategy…

Here are the links to the previous ones:

Important aspects of my strategy
Market Dynamics: How the market moves
When to go Long and When to go Short

And this one is the fourth one…

But in order to understand what you are going to read today, you need to make sure to at least give the other articles a quick read ok?

I’ll wait… I promise this article is not going anywhere.

When to go long & when to go short

Entry Signal

A few days ago I told you I am going to share my strategy with you, and I’m in the process… I started with this article, and then I wrote this one.

I have received a few emails asking my about the entry rules that I use… but don’t get impatient, I’ll get there… in fact, my next article about the strategy I think will be about my entry rules…

(If I don’t think about something else)

So we’ll get there… I just think that its very important for you understand a few things about the market and about the methodology before we actually go over it!

But I promise you something, by the time we get to the entries, you’ll have more answers than questions.

Sounds good?

Market Condition

What I’m going to write about today, answers one simple but probably the most important question about trading:

Here is how to trade the EURUSD (and others) right now


Hey trader, hope everything is going well!!!

How is your trading going so far this week?

By the way, did you take the GBPAUD signal that I sent you on Tuesday?

I’ve been following the GBPAUD in the last weeks and in my last article, I published a signal:

Stop entry: 1.9692, SL 1.9635 and TP 2.0190

Did you take it?

If you did, you have almost 300 pips on your favor, you need to hold it a bit longer so it reaches our TP order, which is around 200 pips from where the market is currently trading at.

200 pips might seem like a lot, but its not the case in the GBPAUD, it could move a few hundred pips in just a few hours, so you got to be patient ok?

The most important article you will ever read about trading (plus GBPAUD signal update)


Last week I told you I was going to share my strategy with you, and started with a few aspects that are important to understand before going through the main strategy

What I’m going to share with you today is probably the most important aspect of trading… Ironically, it has nothing to do with your entry, but get this right, and you’ll be on your way to consistent results.

The most important aspect of trading

Every week I get at least this question once:

What do you think is the most important aspect of trading?

And my answer has always been the same:

I’ll share my strategy with you

forex analysis

Hey trader, did you trade the Non-farm Payrolls report?

Its been a while since the last time I saw the NFP report having a large impact in the market. Could it be that the market conditions are different now?

For instance, most traders think this report (NFP) is the most important one, but in the last couple of years, I have noticed the FOMC statement has had the most impact of all fundamentals, including the NFP report…

Do you agree with me?

Or have you noticed something different?

Anyway… Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

Now, on to my strategy…

I’ll share my strategy with you

Look, I’ve been sharing my analysis with you for quite a long time now, and I’ve been doing it because I wanted to help you make better trading decisions.


GBP and AUD flags

Hey traders, heading off for a good start :)

Here is a possible trade I’d like you take a look at… But first, let me share with you a few things about this particular currency pair!

Its always good to know the personality of each instrument, its not very effective to treat in the same way all of them, because they behave in a different way. Heck, you cant even treat the same instrument in the same way one day from the other… go figure…

Get to know the GBPAUD

Its the GBPAUD… The first thing that you need to know is this one is a currency pair that really moves.

A 40 or a 50 pip move in this currency pairs means nothing, that means that we need to use large SL levels.

Goodbye StraightForex. Hello ProTradingNow


Hey traders, I know its been a while since the last time I wrote something on my blog, and I apologize for that!

But I’ve been working with a few of my students and also working on this new site, which I think you’ll appreciate for several reasons… You’ll see…

But first of all I want to thank all of you for your support, its always encouraging when traders like you take a few minutes of your time to send me an email and ask if everything is alright… Thanks!

I got to tell you, yes, everything is alright, its better than ever and things are about to get even better. Here is why.