500 pips in just 15 minutes

Forex Chart

Do you believe in luck?

Sometimes I do… and some other times I dont…

There are moments in life where we might get lucky… but when it comes to trading, I think luck is defined differently.

To me, luck in trading is: trading the right instrument at the right time.

Lets say, I got lucky last Monday, because I was trading the GBPNZD and it reached the TP order in just 15 minutes.

So yes, I got lucky because I wasn’t expecting the GBPNZD to move that fast… but at the end, I was trading it because based on my analysis, I thought it was more likely to continue its way up.

And that’s what counts.

I lied to you

Misconceptions in Forex

Hey Traders, how is it going?

How did you do yesterday?

Finally the markets started to move this summer, just when I was thinking about taking a week off… And I’m glad I didnt…

Anyway, I have a confession to make…

Two weeks ago I wrote about what I thought was the easiest trade ever… I took 140 pips on a EURNZD trade.

Or maybe at that time it was the easiest trade ever…

But take a look at this other trade…