My Best 25 Forex Articles

My Best 25 Forex Articles

Forex article

These are a few of the articles that have changed the way I see and trade the market for good.

I want you to read them, and who knows, you might find just what you were missing… And your trading could turn around.

Believe me, you’ll find plenty of juice here, so take your time…

Here we go:

No BS Trading (Make your trading make sense) – Trading should make sense, I want you to stop thinking about magic technical indicators, formulas and systems, and think about what the market is likely to do

Why it’s very dangerous to trade using trendlines – This is the reason I dont recommend you to use trendlines to take trading decisions, we tend to use them to confirm our biases.

Is understanding risk the holy grail of trading? – Once you get to understand, accept and embrace risk, you’ll start to see the forex market, and any other market in a different way, in a good way.

The beauty of being a market follower (instead of a market guesser) – Its better to follow the market instead of trying to guess where it is heading. In this post you’ll exactly what I mean by being a trend follower.

The one (simple) secret to trade breakout trades – This is the methodology I use to trade valid breakouts and how to avoid false breakouts.

How I handle fundamental announcements (and CADCHF trade update) – This is exactly the way I handle fundamental announcements when I have an open trade. And CADCHF trade update.

One little trick to help you choose what currency pairs to trade – Here is how this little trick can help you choose the best currency pairs to trade each day.

The only one thing that you need to get consistent results – In this article I explain the most important aspect of trading to get consistent results in forex.

The ultimate guide to choose a forex broker – Follow these guidelines and you’ll choose the right broker, also use the checklist to avoid the worst brokers in the market.

What I learned from my 9 percent of return trade on the GBPUSD – This is what I learn from a trade I took in the GBPUSD about 3 weeks ago.

In order to win, you need to be willing to lose – In order to win, you need to be willing to lose in the forex market. Losing is part of the game, just accept the risk.

It’s not your system what makes you a better trader, its this… – Some times little things make big differences, this is exactly the case for a few second analysis you can perform before your trading.

Why do you trade? – Here is a little exercise to help you trade with better results for once and for all.

A simple technique to measure the sentiment of the market – Here is a simple technique I use everyday to measure the sentiment of the market in the short term charts.

Here is how you can apply The SF Box technique – Here is how you can apply the SF Box technique to help you develop an easy to trade trading plan for any currency pair.

Please! Stop trading the Non-farm Payrolls report – Trading the non-farm payrolls report used to be a good strategy, but not anymore, and here is why

The 5 aspects of trading that you need to master to become a successful trader – Master each one of these 5 aspects of trading, and you’ll be on your way to get consistent results.

Stupid technical indicators – Technical indicators are useless, well, at least if you use them as a trigger signal.

Demystifying Technical Indicators – (What technical indicators really are and how to use them correctly) – Learn what technical indicators really are and how to use them to get better results in your trading.

I can prove you trading is a confidence game (… and steps to get rock solid confident in forex) – The confidence you’ve got on your system and yourself have a great impact in you bottom line as a trader. Read this article to build up your confidence.

How to Avoid False Breakouts – and trade the good ones (the secret is one simple rule) – Methodology to determine which breakouts to trade (valid breakout) and which ones to stay away from (false breakout)

The best 5 tips to trade forex in 2013 – These 5 tips will help you trade forex with better results in 2013. Tips on support and resistance, fundamental announcements, market analysis and more.

This is how I analyze the market (step by step) – As most if you already know, I like to start off my analysis using the long term charts looking for cues about what each currency is likely to do. Here is how I do it.

The best tool to trade the Forex Market – Since the market is so slow, I thought about writing about the tool that changed the way I trade, in fact, it changed the way I see the market for ever.

Step by step formula to perform a world class Daily Forex Technical Analysis – In this article you will learn to perform a world class daily forex technical analysis using simple tools such as support and resistance levels

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