AUDCHF Trading Plan

Hey traders, how is everything?

Have you noticed that from time to time a group of pairs tend to trade in a clear market condition?

Look at todays and a few of my previous analyses:

The previous one: AUDNZD
And a few weeks back: GBPAUD

Whats the common denominator here?

The AUD.

It’s not that I have a preference of the AUD over other currencies… It’s just that in the last few weeks, the AUD has been moving smoothly and that’s exactly what I look for in the currency pairs that I trade.

And if they keep moving in a clear condition, giving me clear S&R and swings, I’ll keep trading them.

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The best trade opportunities for the rest of the week


Hey traders, how is your trading going so far this week?

I’ve got to admit that the market has been difficult to trade in the last couple of weeks… mostly because most of the currency pairs have been trading in a very tight range.

And not in a well defined range (those that are easy to trade) but in a range without clear S&R level, no clear swings, etc.

That’s the reason I’ve been very cautious about the market, and havent placed too many trades in the last few weeks.

Plus, the out-of-date NFP report released yesterday, the “invisible” announcement that hit the market a few hours ago (did you know what happened there by the way?)…


It’s funny though… because some of the currency pairs that I wasnt watching at the beginning of the week are the ones where I’m currently looking for trade opportunities…

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