The easiest currency pairs to trade right now

How is it going trader?

In what currency pairs have you been focusing lately?

Please don’t tell me that majors…

From the way I see it, most of the majors are trading not in a clear market condition… Specially the EURUSD. So please, stop trading them!

Expand your horizon, yeah, you’ll have to pay more spread, but the odds will be on your favor, and that’s what we are all after, aren’t we?

I would rather trade an instrument with a larger spread, but with a clearer market condition, than a currency pairs with a tighter spread and have absolutely no idea of what the market is doing…

Please tell me this makes sense…

Here we go…

AUDNZD, EURUSD, forex, gbpchf, trading plan

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My Complete Trading Plan

Hey traders, hope everything is going well…

What do you think about the market in the last few week?

Sometimes it’s difficult to trade, but in the last few weeks that certainly hasn’t been the case.

A few currency pairs have very clear market condition, and at the end, those are the ones we need to focus on.

What do I mean by clear market condition?

  • Clear S&R levels
  • Clear Swings

When you’ve got both of them, you know what the market is likely to do in the following hours/days, and that of course helps us take better decisions.

So here is my trading plan for a few of the currency pairs I’m actually monitoring.

AUDNZD, EURAUD, GBPAUD, trading plan

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Here is a new long signal

australia new zealand

Yesterday I wrote an article about the AUDNZD in FxStreet.

I thought it was one of the clearest currency pairs to trade, and frankly, today its also the clearest currency pair to trade.

It is trading in a very clear bullish condition, click here to see the complete analysis in FxStreet.

Yesterday I mentioned that one possible trading escenario would be a retracement to the main ST support level and look for upward pressure around that level…

But that already happened, so I’m going to show you how I would trade the AUDNZD today.

AUDNZD, forex, signal

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Here is how I see the market today


You might ask where does that picture come from?

Well, I spent the weekend over the Riviera Maya for the inauguration of the Hard Rock Riviera Hotel and had a terrific time, it included a Bon Jovi concert so you could imagine what a time I had…

So now I’m relaxed and ready to look for those trade opportunities :)

Did you do something different over the weekend? Please comment…

Ok, back to the markets now…

Looking for low risk trade opportunities

One of our main goals as traders is to find not only good trade opportunities, but those that have the lowest risk.

AUDNZD, forex analysis

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