Two possible and quick short term trade ideas

Entry Signal

Hey traders, what are you up to?

I just wanted to ask you about the currency pairs are you currently trading?

There are days that is kind of difficult to find trade opportunities, on those days, we need to trade the least we can. Because our job is not to trade everyday, but to trade only when the odds are on our favor.

But today is different, there are plenty of opportunities out there, both, short term and medium term opportunities.

I’m going to focus only on the short term charts, but as you already know, the most important aspect of trading is how you choose the instruments you trade.

Get that right, and you’ll have 80% of the job done!

So I’ve already done my long term analysis on each one of the opportunities below, but in this article, I’m just going to focus in the short term charts.

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Here is how to get 900 pips in the following days

Pareto in trading

How is your trading going lately?

You know what is what I like most about the Forex market?


There are plenty of currency pairs and most of the time, you’ll find a few good opportunities.

And if you have been following me for a while, you know that the key to get good results on any market is how you choose the instruments to trade.

You could be using the best entry system in the world, but you are trading the wrong currency pairs, the market will move against you.

On the other hand, if you have an average entry system, if you are trading the right currency pairs, sooner or later, the market will move on your favor.

That’s the reason I think you should spend at least 80% of your time analyzing and choosing the best currency pairs to trade and only 20% actually looking for your signals.

Remember that: 80% analyzing, and 20% actually trading.


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What to do when the market trades near an important level


Hey traders, hope everything is going well on your end…

Let me ask you one question…

What do you do when the market trades near an important long term level?

The answer to this question will come in handy today, because today, there are plenty of currency pairs that are trading near an important level…

And you need to be prepared… so again… What do you do? Whats the first thing that pops up in your mind?

Think about it and comment below…

Here is what I think…

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AUDUSD update (exact level to trade)


Hey traders, how is your trading going so far this week?

I hope you have been able to take advantage of my previous analysis, if you did, I’d like to know how it went…

Last tuesday I analyzed the AUDUSD long term charts and my conclusion was that we needed to wait a little longer before taking any trade.

Today its Thursday, so I’d way its enough waiting, dont you think?

So maybe its about time to take a trade here… but first let me show you the short term analysis.

AUDUSD, forex, signal

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Here is when to trade the AUDUSD (and the main principle of price action)

technical indicators

Yesterday I received an email, a trader from Europe asked me if it was a good time to short the AUDUSD…

I told him that not yet, from the way I see it, it is trading near an important level and we still dont know whether the market is going to get rejected from there or break through that important level…

Earlier this morning he replied back, he was a little angry I must say… And said something like “I thought you were a good trader, how come you dont think about going short right now if it has been falling like a rock…”

AUDUSD, forex, price action

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Short signal in the AUDUSD

Forex Market Analysis

You know that it always pays to trade in the direction of the market condition…

So the first thing that you do in the morning should be to find the currency pairs with the clearer market condition.

Forget about the fundamentals, forget about Fibonacci or Elliot Waves, forget about technical indicators, forget about everything, but the market condition.

If you read my previous articles you’ll know exactly what I mean by the market condition, but I’ll resume it here.

The market condition is defined by the way the market reacts to the long term S&R levels.

That’s it! No mumbo-jumbo stuff…

You should also know the main principle of the market condition and that is:

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