Here is how to trade the EURUSD (and others) right now


Hey trader, hope everything is going well!!!

How is your trading going so far this week?

By the way, did you take the GBPAUD signal that I sent you on Tuesday?

I’ve been following the GBPAUD in the last weeks and in my last article, I published a signal:

Stop entry: 1.9692, SL 1.9635 and TP 2.0190

Did you take it?

If you did, you have almost 300 pips on your favor, you need to hold it a bit longer so it reaches our TP order, which is around 200 pips from where the market is currently trading at.

200 pips might seem like a lot, but its not the case in the GBPAUD, it could move a few hundred pips in just a few hours, so you got to be patient ok?

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Here is your present…


As promised, here is the analysis of the currency pairs I’m currently looking for trade opportunities.

Disclaimer: These are just the pairs that I’m going to trade (looking for trades), this should not be taken as trade recommendations. If you don’t agree with this, please stop reading now and close this window.

This is how I analyze the market

First I analyze the long term charts and look for the currency pairs that have the clearest market condition (clear swings and S&R levels).

Once I have a clear market condition, I look for my entries on the short term charts.

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How to trade the majors when they just dont move

Hey traders, I hope you are doing alright with your trading.

What do you think about the market lately? In the last few weeks, most of the currency pairs (specially the majors) have been trading in a very tight and undefined range…

It has been difficult to trade them… What’s your take?

Ok, let me tell you mine… but first something about fundamentals.

Fundamentals for the rest of the week

There are plenty of fundamentals this week, and a few of them are very important.

So maybe that’s the reason the market has been trading in a very tight range? It could be… but the truth is that no one knows the real reason…

Anyway, these are a few of the fundamentals that you need to be watching this week:


USD FOMC minutes (the most important of them all)
EUR Draghi Speaks
AUD Employment report


GBP Interest rate
EUR Draghi Speaks


CAD Employment report

I’m going to be specially careful about the FOMC minutes, it has the potential to change the sentiment of the market, so be careful alright? Specially if you plan to open a trade in any USD pair or if you have a trade open and the market is close to your entry or SL level…

Forex Majors Analysis

Almost all majors have been trading in a very tight and undefined range… If you have been trading them you know what I’m talking about…

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