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I can prove you trading is a confidence game (… and steps to get rock solid confident in forex)

Confidence in Forex

“Trading is a mind game”

Do you agree with the statement above?

I do.

It’s not about the methodology you use, it’s not about the way you analyze the market, it’s not about the indicators you use, not about Fibonacci or Elliot waves, not about fundamentals. Nope.

It’s all about confidence.

This is the reason two traders, using the same system, same trading plan, same everything, will have different results most of the time.


Because traders have different levels of confidence on themselves and the system.

One trader will get out of the trade sooner, then he will not take another trade, the other will risk more in the same trade, etc. There are practically thousands of different scenarios.  And each trader will act based on their level of confidence. More on this later.

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