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A new way to trade fundamental (news) releases

Markets change Traders, that’s a fact.

The way the markets traded 15 years ago is definitely different from the way it is currently trading. If you found a system that worked 15 years ago, I assure you that it wont work today, that simple.

The only way you can survive is by Adapting to the Market Conditions, there is just no other way.

And the same happens with fundamental releases…

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How I handle fundamental announcements (and CADCHF trade update)

Non farm Payrolls report

Last Thursday I wrote about a long signal in the CADCHF, at that time, it was trading in a very clear bullish condition.

When I looked at the short term charts it was trading in a clear range: which means clear S&R levels and clear swings.

So I thought it was a good idea to trade a breakout of the short term range… usually setups like this one work pretty well…

When my trade got triggered, everything was fine… it traded for a while in a very tight range pretty close to my entry level.

Then something happened…

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Here is a breakout signal, are you going to take it?

Hey trader, hope you are cashing in pips so far this week…

I’ve got a signal to go long on the EURGBP, but before I get into the details, let me talk to you a little bit about a post I did last week.

Last week I wrote about the EURUSD, I thought it was in a bullish condition and it seemed like a good idea to go long.

Just after I published my analysis I received a few emails telling me: if I wasn’t aware of “things” in Europe, how could I recommend going long, it is going to fall like a rock, etc.

You see, I don’t trade the “why”, in fact, for me, I believe that the fundamentals are not important (for trading). Of course I keep track of them, but I never use them to take trading decisions.

There is one principle in Technical Analysis, which is: all information available in the market is reflected in price (included information about fundamentals). Ok?

By the way… the EURUSD did go up:


EURGBP analysis, EURUSD Analysis, forex signal, Fundamental, Technical Analysis

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Are you trading today? Or the rest of the week?

I have a trade open, and will definitely think it twice before opening a new one. Why?

Take a look at some of the announcements left for the rest of the week:


NZD Interest rate
AUD Employment change


GBP Interest rate
CAD interest rate


USD Non-farm payrolls report
CAD Employment change

So be careful alright… you never know what could happen and how the market will react.

Have in mind what happened last week with Bernanke’s speech, it change the market sentiment in more than one currency pair.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
Forex Training


Will be a complicated week

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see many pairs trading in a clear market condition, for instance, today I only trading about 3 or 4 today, on the others, I have no clue of what the market is likely to do.

Might be that this week we have a zillion important fundamental announcements, amongst the most important are:


  • AUD: Trade balance and interest rate announcement



  • GBP: Construction PMI
  • EUR: Trichet speaks
  • USD: Bernanke speaks



  • GBP: Current account and PMI Services
  • USD: ADP Non-farm employment change



  • GBP: Interest rate
  • EUR: Interest rate
  • JPY: Interest rate
  • CAD: Ivey PMI



  • JPY: BOJ press conference
  • CAD: Employment change
  • USD: Non-farm payrolls


So be careful this week, will you?

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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Important fundamental announcements of the week

This week isn’t full of fundamental announcements, but we got the most important of them all: US interest rate announcement. Last time it was announced, the market went wild, not because there was any change on the interest rates, but because the statement that comes along with it. Traders and investors have been focusing on this statement in the last months, so you need to be careful.


  • AUD – Meeting minutes



  • EUR – German ZEW Index
  • NZD – Current account



  • GBP – Meeting minutes
  • CAD – Core CPI
  • USD – Interest rate and FOMC Statement
  • NZD – GDP



  • CAD – Core retail sales



  • None


Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
Forex Course


Most important Fundamentals announcements of the week

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!

These are the most important fundamental announcements of the week:


  • None :)


  • GBP – CPI


  • GBP – Claimant Count Change (similar to unemployment claims)
  • USD – Core retail sales
  • NZD – Interest rate


  • CHF – Interest rate and SNB Press Conference
  • GBP – Retail sales
  • USD – core CPI


  • TIC Long-term purchases

Be aware of them alright?

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
Forex Training

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This week’s important Forex events:

This is the list of what I think are the most important announcements this week. Remember every fundamental announcement (even the ones not included on this list) have the potential to have great impact in the market!

Monday 5th:

  • US and CAN banks are closed, so don’t expect much movement today, not enough liquidity!
  • The most important announcement today is the AUD interest rate announcement (no change expected).

Tuesday 6th:

  • US Non-Manufacturing PMI
  • JPY interest rate announcement (no change expected)

Wednesday 7th:

  • GBP Manufacturing production
  • CAD interest rate announcement (no change expected)
  • AUD Employment change

Thursday 8th:

  • EUR and GBP interest rate announcements (no change expected)
  • US Trade Balance

Friday 9th:

  • CAD Employment change

Remember CAD and GBP are the currencies that react the most to their fundamental announcements.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
Forex Training
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Busy week, wasn’t it?

As a result of the US debt rating downgrade from AAA to AA+ (last Friday), we started the week with a gap. By the way, we saw exactly the opposite of what should have happened. On Monday, investors instead of getting rid of US bonds, etc (selling them) they ended up buying more, as if the US debt rating went from AAA to AAAA (there is no AAAA debt rating though). This is the probe sometimes fundamentals are not in line with market movements, I’ve seen this over and over again in the last year or so… So if you are still trading on fundamentals, give it some thought, alright?

Anyway, Monday and early Tuesday was perfect for Forex traders, the market swings were smooth and clear, and what’s better, I was able to profit from them. I took two trades, I got stopped out on one of them around the breakeven level (if I didn’t move my SL level it would had hit my take profit order) and the other one hit my TP order. So I’m up about 3% for the week.

Then on Tuesday, everything changed… the US interest rate was released (there was no change, still at 0.25%). But what was important about the announcement was what they mentioned about the interest rates for the coming years: they will hold interest rates this low for at least 2 more years.  What they are really trying to say is this:

Hey, we (the FED) expect the economy to remain sluggish at least for the next two years. Don’t be surprised if you see continued high unemployment, low domestic economy growth (or even stall), etc.

And how did the Forex market react to this? Large and undefined (and difficult to trade) swings on most currency pairs and crosses.  From Tuesday to Friday most currencies traded on a undefined range, being very difficult to trade them (at least with consistent results), so guess what, I stayed away from the market since then.

But I think things will clear up next week, the market cant trade on undefined ranges for ever, sooner or later we are going to see breakouts of these ranges, and we need to be there, we need to be able to profit from them, and this could happen the week ahead.

Let me know what you think!

Have a good weekend!

Raul Lopez
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