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You cant miss this trade opportunity today (or tomorrow, its in the GBPUSD)

Yesterday I was doing a lie webinar at FxStreet and one of the assistants reminded me of something, which could be the essence of trading, he said something like this:

Trading is about finding the right opportunity, with the lowest amount of risk.

He is totally right!

About Risk and Trade Opportunities

We have hundreds of currency pairs, thousands of opportunities each day. So our job as traders is to fin the right one or the right ones to trade each day.

Now, we need to understand something though.

There will alway be risk. It is something we need to live with as traders. There is no such thing as a risk free trade.

So embrace risk, learn to live with it… I guarantee that once you feel comfortable with it, comfortable about the fact that each trade has the possibility to go against you, you ‘ll begin to see more and clearer trade opportunities. As I said, I guarantee it.


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