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Is understanding risk the holy grail of trading?

It might. You tell me (after reading this article).

Have you had a chance to think about risk? I mean, really think about what it is for traders? How can we use it on our favor, is it possible to eliminate risk?

Understanding Risk in Forex

If you haven’t, please do so … because once you understand what it really is (and accept it), you’ll trade with ease, you’ll trade with more confidence, you’ll be more disciplined and patient… and at the end, you’ll trade with better results.

I can guarantee it…

And you know something, in some cases, you might have already experienced what it is to accept and embrace risk (even unconsciously).

Oh men, when this happens, almost every trade goes on your favor, you get out of the market just when it starts to go against you, you take profits just at the right time, you trade the right trade-size, etc, etc, etc.

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