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Our Trading Strategy

I’ve got many questions about our analysis and how it can help you take better trading decisions.

Ok, we first analyze the long term charts and decide which way to trade, the possible scenarios are: Long mode, Short mode, Not-tradable.

If we are in a not-tradable mode, then we forget about that chart for the rest of the day, if we are in Long mode, then we look for long opportunities in the short term charts (15M or 30M). The same goes for Short mode, we look for short opportunities in the short term charts, and we ignore all long signals.

All our entries are based on price action, the market itself shows us which way to trade. We use no indicators.

Why is it that we don’t use indicators for our entries?

Because indicators lag, they tell us how the market behaved in the past N-periods, it has nothing to do with the market future direction.

Ok, hope this helps.



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