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Dont trade the EURUSD, you’ll thank me


Look traders, there are times for everything in life…

Today (or for the next few days) its not the time to trade the EURUSD.

How do I know this?

I always try to find the currency pairs that have the cleared swings and the clearest levels, and I focus on them…

When you have clear S&R level and clear swings you know exactly what the market is likely to do, and that helps you find good trade opportunities.

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Here is how my trades are doing

Do you hold your trades overnight? What about over the weekends? Or what would you think about holding a trade for 4 weeks?

Because that’s what is happening with my GBPAUD trade, it’s been 4 weeks now. Looks good, at the end, the market has moved on my favor, I’ve been trailing my stop and right now it is trading around an important resistance level.

Would I consider going short again? Of course I would, if I get my signal…

Anyway, here is how my trades are doing:


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