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Customer will prepay the StraightForex Forex courses. Upon receipt of full payment, StraightForex agrees to issue Student one User ID and Password giving Student access to the Online Course Resources from one computer for the period agreed on each course. Student will be given access to one or two lessons every day (excluding Saturday and Sunday) beginning with Lesson 1 and continuing through lesson 11.

Each time Student enters User ID (Name) and Password to access the Online Course Resources, a record of Student’s IP address and location will be logged on to the ProTradingNow server.

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ProTradingNow reserves the right to ban clients without refund for unprofessional actions to include but not limited to profanity, racism, slander toward ProTradingNow and its instructors, recruitment to competitive services, sharing information from training rooms, course content and all information included in our website without approval.

I agree to indemnify and hold ProTradingNow and its instructors harmless from any and all losses, costs, liabilities, or indebtedness arising from the use of any trading information, technique, method, system shared with me.

ProTradingNow and its instructors are not responsible for the actions of any broker, dealer, broker-dealer or other intermediary through whom Customer makes transactions. Customer is responsible for investigating and selecting any such broker, dealer, broker-dealer or other intermediary before doing business with such person.

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