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Brexit + GBP high probability trade opportunities

How is everything Traders? How did you do last week with the Non-farm payrolls report?

It’s interesting how the sentiment of the market can change in a few seconds… Specially in pairs that had a well stablished market condition… such as the USDCAD and the AUDUSD.

Anyway… Whats your take on Brexit?

There’s been a lot of talking about it, whether its going to make the GBP go up or down, etc.

Let me tell you something Trader! it doesn’t really matter… Why you may ask…

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Trading and Analysis Jan 21 2016

Hey traders,

Here are the currency pairs I think have the most profit potential today…

Let me know if you have any question!

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Live Trading Video Jan 14 2016

Hey traders, some of my students have a very specific goal in 2016: Trade Full time…

See how they are doing in this video plus a few signals and trade opportunities for the rest of the week:

Please comment if you have any question.

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[Video] Analysis and Trading Session

Hello Traders,

Here is the video of todays trading & analysis session.

There are plenty of opportunities right now…

[Video] Here is todays complete analysis + 3 signals

Hey Traders, hope eveything is going well…

Here is todays complete analysis, including 3 short term signals + updates to the trades we took yesterday.


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