What makes my training different

I know that there are several Forex training programs out there, and you might be thinking why choose mine over the others, you have many options and many of them are even cheaper than mine. Short answer: I’ll help you trade with consistent results, period. 

The system I’ll teach you is profitable

I’ve personally developed this system and I will teach you exactly how it works. You will be able to find low risk trade opportunities and profit from them. You’ll learn the strategy from A to Z, I don’t keep anything to myself.

Trade all markets

The system also works on other markets such as gold, oil, stocks, etc. It’s main indicator is price action – all the information we need to find and take advantage of low risk trade opportunities is taken from the market itself, from the imbalances of supply and demand, and they are present on any market.

It’s more than a simple course

Once a student of my course, you’ll always be a student, you will always have access to the trading room, daily trade recommendations, course material, systems, videos, coaching, etc.

Simple & objective strategy

I trade based on Price Action as my most important indicator. I don’t use complex indicators, forecast tools, etc. I trade based on what the market is telling me, each morning I determine which currency pairs to trade, in which direction to trade and possible entry levels.


I am going to teach you to approach the market in a way that will allow you to get consistent results. I’ll help you tweak the system to make it fit your trading style, risk profile, trade personality, etc.

Post-course support

I know that good support is elemental for your trading success. You will never trade alone again; you’ll have access to instructors, other traders, member forum, etc. even when the course end.

I’ll help you become the best trader you can be, I have trained other traders to achieve consistent results, and I can do the same for you too.

Join my team!

If you have any question email me or call me on Skype!