EURUSD & USDCAD Update, after Core CPI

The EURUSD continues to trade in a bullish market condition, I’m still long here and I think I will hold this trade until it reaches 1.5300ish. Today the market had a retracement, after the core CPI announcement, luckily it didn’t broke the short term support level. Still looking to add positions.

The USDCAD yesterday was in a bearish market condition, it broke the short term range for the downside but it came back up. So right now I have widened up the short term range and waiting again for the market to break either side of it 1.0356 – 1.0207. If the market breaks the ST resistance level, I will be looking for long trading opportunities. If the market breaks the support level I will be looking for short trading opportunities.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez

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Raul Lopez

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