EU and UK Interest rates

Earlier this morning both interest rates were released. The ECB and the BOE decided to hold interest rates at 1% and 0.5% respectively, as expected. Still, the market reacted a little on both announcements.

What do you think about your trading so far this week?

For me it has been difficult to find low risk trading opportunities with all these important announcements, yesterday the US interest rate, today the EU and UK interest rates, tomorrow the NFP announcement (probably the most important fundamental announcement). This week was more fundamentally driven than technically driven, and I like to trade based on price action, market sentiment, etc. So probably that is the reason its been kinda difficult… Did you think the same?

Anyway… One more day to go, and this week will be over. I have a feeling next week we’ll find more trading opportunities than usual (most currency pairs are trading at important levels, waiting for tomorrow’s announcements…)

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Good luck!

Raul Lopez

Fundamental, interest rate

Raul Lopez

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