Interest rates and NFP

The US interest rate is schedule to be announced later today. Although no change is expected, it’s difficult to determine how traders all over the world will react to it. And of course, another scenario is an interest cut or a hike, its not likely to happen, but it still is a possibility and if either happen, I’m sure the market will go crazy.

Also, this Friday the NFP (employment report) is announced, analysts expect 65K. The impact that the market will take if the numbers comes positive will be less than if the number comes as a negative figure.

On both cases, the best thing to do is just be on the sidelines at the time of the release.  Personally, I’ll see how the market behaves at the US interest rate announcement, if doesn’t have a large impact on the market, I’ll resume my trading. But everything should be closed just before the NFP on Friday (even if it means that I’ll stay awake overnight).

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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Raul Lopez

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