EURNZD & EURAUD – Opposite trades in positive correlated pairs

Sometimes these kind of setups happen, the EURNZD and EURAUD most of the time trade in the same direction, both of them are positively correlated. Today, this is not true. You don’t see often these pairs trading in opposite market conditions, and it is even less likely to get signals on both of them on the opposite direction, well… just got that…

Yesterday I got a signal to go short in the EURAUD, it is currently at +40 pips… and today, a few minutes ago a got my signal to go long in the EURNZD:

The EURNZD is still an order though… lets see if it gets triggered:

Entry order: 1.8222
SL: 1.8173
TP: 1.8616

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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EURNZD Analysis

Raul Lopez

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