GBPCAD Trade Update, hit limit & NFP

The decision of holding your trades during important fundamentals releases its always tough, you never know what could happen. I definitely feel more comfortable once the market has already moved on my favor and in order to hold my trade, I need to have nothing at risk on such trade, for instance moving your stop loss to the breakeven level. But you need to remember that you still need to give the market some room so you don’t get stopped out during normal market swings.

So if it is too close to my entry SL level I just close it. However, if the market has moved on my favor, my SL is at least at the breakeven level and has enough room from my SL to the current market action, I hold my trade.

This was the case of the GBPCAD trade I took yesterday, I moved my SL since yesterday and had enough room to hold my trade during the non-farm payrolls report. It came out a little better than expected and the market didn’t take a big hit, which was good for my trade (finally hit my TP order).

Now, about the non-farm payrolls report, have you noticed that the market has not been getting a lot of impact from this announcement lately? I have… And its good! What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

Raul Lopez
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Raul Lopez

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