Added to my GBPCAD Trade

Do you take partial profits when the market moves on your favor? I don’t, I do exactly the opposite. When the market moves on my favor I trade to add to my trade (if I get a new signal). Why would I make smaller my trade, when the market is telling me that I probably made the right decision? Instead, I try to increase my position size…

This is what I just did with my GBPCAD trade earlier. Since I have nothing at risk from my first trade, I’m able to take this other trade:

Entry: 1.5629
SL: 1.5673 (Both SL’s are at the same level, locking in 168 pips from first trade)
TP: 1.5457 (Both TP’s are at the same level)

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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Raul Lopez

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