If you don’t trade the AUDCHF… you should (at least this week)

Hope you had a great weekend!

Before I show you why you should focus on the AUDCHF, these are some of the fundamentals I’ll keep an eye on this week:

CB Consumer confidence

FOMC Statement

GBP Interest rate (plus rate statement)
EUR interest rate (plus ECB press conference)

Non-farm payrolls report

As you can see there are plenty so be careful alright? Especially on the ECB press conference and NFP report.

Ok, now to the AUDCHF. There is no doubt that the AUDCHF is trading in a very clear bullish market condition, this means that we should be looking for long opportunities.

Here is the chart:

So I’m waiting for a small retracement before I open my long trade.

What do you think?

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Raul Lopez

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